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Unfortunately, even I am getting a little tired of going over all of this, so pardon me if I sound less than enthusiastic.

Although I looked at Asylum Explorer in Part IV, that’s not the only web browser Mr. Witness Mozilla Lite and Platinum Browser, two strangely similar-looking browsers that he purports to have made.

For example, during the 1990s, many adults, including mostly office workers, enrolled in computer training courses.

These courses would teach basic use of the operating system or specific application software.

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Adult DVDs: You're sure to find an adult video to suit you.I find it strange that they are both “the most widley used Web Browser across the nation and world because of it’s unique Features.” This is only true in part because, behind the Mozilla-looking exterior (with Mr.Hardy’s name pasted everywhere), they use Internet Explorer’s rendering engine, which just so happens to still be the most popular web browser right now. Hardy’s browsers are free to download and use, for some reason he is charging money for the source code. Hardy’s name and picture placed just about everywhere.Just be certain I will not be donating to your cause, because I’d rather download the real program: CDRun. That says “Free SFX Wizard.” Whoops, the screenshot immediately led me to believe that it was something else. It means “self-extracting archive;” essentially it is a method of packaging ZIP files into executable files so that an unzipping utility is not required to extract them.(Thanks to Infurnus for finding the original.) Lastly, we have Mr. It can come in quite handy some times if you are transporting data somewhere, need to compress it, and do not know if the remote computer has an unzipping utility installed.

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