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Please note that the following list displays the minimum punishment (referred to as MP in the rest of the text) for each violation. Further restrictions and rules concerning will follow later in the text.

Location: Shattersword Shop - Shattersword Cavern Price: 35,000 Gold Sellback: 8,750 Gold Rarity: Awesome Rarity Description: Hidden in the depths of the Shattersword Cavern, a lone group of warriors have made this caves their home in an attempt to avoid conflict and battle. Those who try to enter these caves with be welcomed with the cold steel of these warriors’ blades.

If you act against these rules you are considered a violator and will be punished.

This applies to any sentence said by your character in game.

If you follow her into the portal, you will be sent into another room with Drowners. Use Igni to temporarily get rid of the gas from a safe distance. Interact with another painting of a horse and climb out. Keep the same strategy of dodge, switching between Quen and Igni, while also using heavy blows to his side and back.

If the wraiths are in the gas when it explodes, it will do serious damage. When you get his health down to the final chunk, he goes in another bubble.

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The following list of rules has been worked out by the Administrator and the moderators of the game Dark Swords.

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