Irregular reinforcement dating

How do I either get out of a relationship in which these things are active -- or stay in the relationship without being victimized by these dynamics?Whether we decide to end a relationship with someone with BPD, stay with them, or whether the person is a parent or a child, it is necessary to understand "traumatic bonding", and "intermittent reinforcement", and how these things might keep us involved with the person in an unhealthy way.The fear of not receiving the reward was so strong they literally harmed themselves just for the chance of getting it.In relationships, intermittent reinforcement works the same way: periods of love and affection are alternated with periods of abuse, neglect, and creating fear of losing the relationship.Then researchers changed the pattern: sometimes when the lever was pressed food was delivered, sometimes it was not.The mice not only pressed the lever obsessively, but they did so until they injured themselves from all the pressing.Training for the more intelligent animals (dolphins) is done by what is known as intermittent reinforcement. Get her in the front car and start her heart racing with the unknown.This means that once a behavior is trained, you will get more consistency by only rewarding an animal at irregular intervals - not every time. You have to get her on the right ride if you want to get where you want to go.

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I don't believe they do this maliciously, but it is a power and control issue with all dating situations.

If the rat gets a pellet every time, it soon gets satiated and stops pressing the lever.

If, on the other hand, the rat does not receive a pellet every time the lever is pressed, but receives a pellet intermittently, the rat will increase the frequency with which it presses the lever.

Even mild depression makes it tough to function and enjoy life like you once did.

Depression is the most common of all mental health problems affecting one in every four adults to some degree, and 81% of our members.

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