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So are we witnessing yet another cloud-based revolution and what can we expect to rain down over the next few years?

Haven On Demand's HPE IDOL search engine (the big data and analytics driven search engine that’s the successor of HP Autonomy) is the pattern-matching brain in the machine that is being used by developers to create some pretty novel applications.

Dateinadash is Londons most stylish speed dating and singles events service.

Founded in October 2011, we organize and host an array of fantastic Speed Dating Events, singles parties and lock & key events across London, enabling successful single professionals with busy lifestyles to meet each other and have fun.

That is probably quite significant coming from the billion behemoth that is HPE.

Sooner or later (actually, there's no later about it, it's always sooner) someone brings up Andrew Jackson and the relationship of his nickname "Old Hickory" to his sexual prowess. During dinner we took a break from talking about NASCAR, guns, flatulence, and the history of executions in Centre County (you think I'm making this up, don't you? This, of course, translates into colloquial English as “stuff that I can’t believe that they even manufactured much less expected some schmuck to buy and it fell off a truck, too.

Cialis didn't invent the four hour erection, if you follow my drift. Yes, in our telling he was practically the Ron Jeremy of The War of 1812, giving new meaning to the "Era of Good Feelings". ) when my siblings and I discovered that we shared a common interest: discount emporium Ollie's. Cheap-ish.” Actually, I’m quite thankful that we still have places like Ollie's.

Christmas was earlier this week and like so many of you, I had the opportunity to spend some time in the bosom of my family.

We exchanged gifts, had dinner, and did the over the phone speed dating thing with those who didn’t make it back to Centre County for the holiday: As Bryants, it's important to pass the phone off before any actual feelings kick in.

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