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The one voice that remains is that of a self-confessed 22 year old gay man. It is a US NGO which has been around for the past 10 years. I go round the MSMs in my area, educate them about STIs and HIV/AIDS. Under Ghanaian criminal law, same-sex sexual activity among males is illegal.It is uncertain whether same-sex sexual activity among females is illegal. s clergy and Imams have spoken passionately as have the politicians and other prominent individuals on the sensitive matter of homosexuality. I am 22 years old and a peer educator at *NGO A, an NGO set up to help MSMs (Men Having Sex with Men). What does your work as a peer educator entail and how much does it pay? If your initiation was a chance thing and not because you say that is how you think you were oriented, why has it become part of your life now? I advise them to stick to one partner and to use condoms consistently. You know one person who leads you to another who in turn leads you to another. As for NGO A, a friend gave them my number and I was called for training.

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