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According to Java XML tutorial, "Well formed XML documents simply markup pages with descriptive tags.You don't need to describe or explain what these tags mean.To be a well-formed document, rules must be established about the declaration and treatment of entities. Ideally, a well-formed document conforms to the design goals of XML.

For this reason it is a good idea to make use of a graphical XSD design tool when working with XSDs.Comments, suggestions, feature requests, bug reports can be done via Source Forge project web site (see XMLStarlet Sourceforge forums, or XMLStarlet mailing list) is one of: ed (or edit) - Edit/Update XML document(s) sel (or select) - Select data or query XML document(s) (XPATH, etc) tr (or transform) - Transform XML document(s) using XSLT val (or validate) - Validate XML document(s) (well-formed/DTD/XSD/Relax NG) fo (or format) - Format XML document(s) el (or elements) - Display element structure of XML document c14n (or canonic) - XML canonicalization ls (or list) - List directory as XML esc (or escape) - Escape special XML characters unesc (or unescape) - Unescape special XML characters pyx (or xmln) - Convert XML into PYX format (based on ESIS - ISO 8879) p2x (or depyx) - Convert PYX into XML are: -q or --quiet - no error output --doc-namespace - extract namespace bindings from input doc (default) --no-doc-namespace - don't extract namespace bindings from input doc --version - show version --help - show help Wherever file name mentioned in command help it is assumed that URL can be used instead as well.Type: xml Before you do anything with your XML document you probably would like to know its structure at first. Let's say you have the following XML document (table.xml)xml xml/table xml/table/rec xml/table/rec/num Field xml/table/rec/string Field xml/table/rec xml/table/rec/num Field xml/table/rec/string Field xml/table/rec xml/table/rec/num Field xml/table/rec/string Field Every line in this output is an XPath expression which indicates a 'path' to elements in XML document.XMLStarlet is linked statically to both libxml2 and libxslt, so generally all you need to process XML documents is one executable file.To run Xml Starlet utility you can simple type 'xml' on command line and see list of options available.

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