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Most people showed up in first-date finest with open minds and ready to see who would sit down at their tables.

And we also loved being able use the phrase “drag yenta emcee,” as often as possible.

Men and women who are HIV positive talk about how afraid they are of getting AIDS, how they handle the disease, and how it affects their lives. Captures the hard work, struggles, tragic defeats and exciting victories experienced since then. DVD X5662 Features intimate interviews with 6 transgendered lesbians (5 African American, 1 Asian) living in New York City who define themselves as "aggressives." They exhibit masculine appearances and behaviors, but do not aspire to be men. Video/C 2336 Winter 1990: The Trial of Compound Q -- Money and morals. The Dead boys' club: A steamy tribute to the '70's world of promiscuity and disco balls from the perspective of gay life in the '90's.

You can find out more, including how to disable cookies, in our Cookie Policy The event Our famous gay dating events are the perfect way to escape dating apps and meet real guys face to face.

Spend a relaxed evening getting to know around 20 potential mates at our laid back, friendly slow dating event.

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