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I learned a lot from the show and I'm taking a lot away from it. One of the original reasons I went on the show was as a challenge to myself to overcome some of the body image issues that I had growing up. There's going to be some confusion about what it is that we're doing. A ceremony of love — of each other, of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. I want to talk about last night's episode: When you see Greg naked for the first time — on your first naked date — you seem nervous.I'm a smaller woman and growing up I didn't have the "perfect body," and I know a lot of us struggle with this growing up. And I think that's exciting, because I think we're going to break some barriers. We're standing as two very strong, spiritual, individual people that are coming together as a representation of the balance and harmony that we need to have a little bit more of in this world. Initially I was nervous, and I think it's adorable to see myself going through this experience.Season 6B finale, which aired on Tuesday, March 15.“Pretty Little Liars” creator Marlene King has been teasing a twin for quite some time, and on Tuesday night’s Season 6B finale, that twin was finally revealed. D (Andrea Parker) has a twin sister named Mary Drake — and she’s come back to haunt Alison (Sasha Pieterse) with some pretty twisted mind games.There is one, however, that never happened, and I will go to my grave wishing that it had, even for just one episode: Caleb Rivers and Hanna’s mom, Ashley Marin.First, to clarify: I don’t mean that I wanted Ashley to engage in any sort of illegal activities, à la Ezra Fitz the predatory English teacher. but are starting to develop feelings for each other, and can't decide whether or not to pursue them. Maybe this is all a giant mislead, and really they're just working on some secret business or political campaign they can't talk about. On the flip side, maybe they have just been hanging out as friends...

There was no flashback to the night Caleb first realized he had feelings for Spencer, but his earnest recounting of the evening they spent together while Spencer tearfully listened on the other side of the door was straight-up Emmy material.

I’ve always believed Caleb was a little bit older than the rest of the Liars, both because he looks older (Tyler Blackburn was 24 when the first season aired) and because it seems totally plausible that his checkered past caused him to miss a lot of school.

There’s no evidence he even went to Rosewood High before that day he showed up and started hacking phones for money, which means he might have started mid-year, and depending on what kind of credits he had from Arizona or wherever the hell he was, he might have had to repeat a grade.

Poor Ali ended up checking herself into a mental institution with Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) help because she was convinced she’s seeing dead people, but she actually wasn’t. The child was adopted by Mary’s sister and Ali’s parents, Jessica and Kenneth Di Laurentis.

(By the way, the last name Drake should sound familiar: does Ce Ce Drake ring a bell?

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