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Our contact team are available on the phones during the following hours: Monday to Friday - and Saturday - , and on Live Chat Monday to Friday to and Saturday - ' It is the Policy of the Army not to communicate with young people under the age of 14 for the purpose of recruiting them into the Armed Forces.By clicking on enter Army Chat you are confirming that you are over 14 years of age.' If you are attempting to log onto Live Chat and you are not gaining entry (when we are actually showing as open) Please delete your old browsing history, close your browser, reopen and try again.In today’s world, not everyone will have the flexibility or personal finances available to travel for on-site interviews, especially if your hiring process requires several rounds. Think about it: do all candidates have access to a home office? Some candidates may live in busy households, and others may live alone in tiny one-room apartments.Best of all: there’s no waiting to get into the office, no commuting, and no sweaty handshakes. Those backdrops can easily make or break an interview and leave candidates looking unprofessional.When you chat, everything is simply more comfortable and more appropriate.And there are no network issues such as frozen video screens or poor video quality.While discussing the impeachment of South Korea’s president, Professor Robert Kelly was suddenly interrupted when his two young children wandered into his office. Even introverts will feel comfortable joining chat events.

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And why settle for a chat tool for interviews when you could be using a solution built specifically for talent acquisition? The following are the two major types of online interviewing and the way Spark Hire allows job seekers and hiring professionals to spark a connection.

It’s easy, it’s efficient and it’s proven to be more effective than any other online customer service for boosting sales, conversions, loyalty, customer happiness and brand sentiment.

Besides the efficiency of dealing with several prospects at the same time (such as on text chat), you are also able to answer far more queries because often people won’t take the time to send in an email.

Does the conversion rate of your business depend on human contact?

videodesk brings the human face of your business to your prospective clients, employees and customers.

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