Shania twain dating curtis joseph

Maybe the tabloids in Europe did a followup, but you would think it would have made some headlines here or at least a picture. What if Shania was the one who had the affair, but paid some hush money so she could look like the victim. Shania was off the radar, living in Switzerland and not having much of a career and then wham, Mutt supposedly has an affair, she moves back to North America, has a boyfriend, releases an album and has all this free publicity backing her up.

Right now Mariah Carey has Shania Twain in her patented Warbling Choker Larynx Lock, and it doesn't look like that impresses Ms. Meanwhile, Aretha Franklin is mounting the ropes preparing for a Super Reverse Double R-E-S-P-E-C-T Triple Hammer Drop on Celine Dion, and there she goes and OH! matches, and even though Trish's paramour Steve "The Lethal Weapon" Blackman (not the same guy as the Edmonton-born lawyer/TV producer, in case you were wondering) pinned Perry Saturn, you gotta give Terri credit. OK, I do know the word, but we can't print it in a family paper. But not only was there no table action, there was no Molly! There's something about a brunette in a sea of bottle blondes that's oddly attractive.

The term has a different meaning to WWF fans though, one that conjures up not images of the ultimate episode of MTV Celebrity Deathmatch but those of spandex and leather and pulled hair and love triangles and, of course, puppies. You may or may not have noticed, but wrestling tends to be a guy thing. So in addition to the grappling giants in the squared circle, ya gotta have babes.

Which isn't to say there are no female wrestling fans, or no unwilling girlfriends who were dragged down to Skyreach Centre last night for the first ever taping of an episode of Smack Down!

Tabloids in Europe will even go to more extreme measures to get a great story. I'm not sure how exactly one goes about rating the divas, or even talking about them in any meaningful way. Terri and Trish Stratus were the first divas to make an appearance in the Sunday Night Heat pre-Smack Down! began in earnest and Hardcore and Crash Holly came out to fight the Dudley Boyz, we all thought Molly Holly would make an appearance. Chyna could lock her massive thighs around my heart and squeeze it any day. Yeah, sure, she's a big, scary, spine-snapping supa-mama, but she's cool. Well has anyone ever shown a picture of them together since?Everyone over here just swallowed Shania's story without doing any followup.

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